Selfie Shoes a great idea or sad joke

Today the sight of a boob here and there or even a dangling dong is commonplace on the tubes, and the abstinence of outrage over a classic nip slip is a sign of our times. Now the doors of sexuality have flung wide open into pop media, porn needs to keep up (or spiral down) […]

Worlds Biggest Boobs

Do you like big breast! Ha! Of course you do, don’t you, you little perv. Yeah, me too. But do you like really, really big breast or the Worlds Biggest Boobs. I mean size 52I! What’s that? You’ve never heard of such a size? Well that’s because there is only one women who wears this […]

Rocco Siffredi is retiring is porn dead

It’s a sad day when “The Stallion”, Rocco Siffredi, gives up ‘acting’ in porn to devote himself to his wife of 23years, Rosa Caracciolo. But can you really blame him? If my wife was Rosa I would have never gone into porn…I would never have left the house! It’s incredibly sad to say this is […]

Average human penis has shrunk

What’s the size of the average human penis? If your friends are to be believed, it’s about 10inches long. If your girlfriend is to believed, it’s not as big as you are, baby! But finding a credible source for a question that, really, should have been answered back in the 60’s with all that ‘free […]