Morning Sex Is Good For You

It’s official, sex is good for you! Yes, I know it feels good for you, but now you can tell your partner that it’s actually good for their health. Just about everyone has some kind of obsession with sex, whether its innocent or kinky, we’re all animals after all. Despite the obvious benefit of reproduction, […]

Porn Production Drops In LA

Sad news readers porn production drops in LA, yes the sad fact is the most prolific place for porn production has noticed a terrible drop in production. We wonder what the cause of this decline is, well the good news is our researcher has gone hard on your behalf to get to the bottom of […]

Sextoys From

If you are as fed up with advertisement and random links leading to random websites as I am, then you will find as much of a gold mine as I do. They are an Australian run business based in the beautiful state of Queensland. Their website is an amazing 13years old, which is a […]

Solar Powered Vibes

With the dawn of the 21st century came the Information Age, to the displeasure of our ancestors who thought we would be entering the Power Age. I personally prefer the path we have taken, it allows it share all of human information instantly to your pocket. However, with all of this peer-to-peer sharing going on, […]