Fake orgasms Why Women Do It

Men have often wondered why women choose to fake orgasm. After all, it is them who are missing out. If they didn’t fake orgasms, then who knows, maybe the male would put in the extra effort required to bring you to one, rather than him thinking ‘job well done’ when really you are being left […]

Zeus And Hera Sex Toys

The aptly named Zeus and Hera sex toys, the King and Queen of the gods, as so too are these toys the king and queen on the adult novelty niche! These toys finally make long distance relationships possible, despite what those sad love stories tell you. These toys mimic the sensations of real love making, […]

Exciting New Escorts Now In Sydney And Ready For Action

Black Caviar ESCORTS : WE are a female operated agency and we strive in excellency when it comes down to customer service! After being in the industry for so many years we understand what guys are looking for and what are the females wants are! Event management background helps us to create an unforgettable experience […]

Bachelors and Spinsters Ball And Party

Bachelors and Spinsters Ball (B&S Ball) is more than just a regular meet and greet party. It’s one of those events in the rural reaches of Australia that reels in attendees in droves. Traditionally, the event was held as a formal occasion where young marriageable men and women meet and eventually marry at some point […]