Down the Rabbit Hole Sextoy Study

Have you ever bought a sex toy online? Well, if you bought a product from Lovehoney, one of the largest adult retailers in the UK, you may have become a helpful little statistic. Researcher John Millward, using one million purchases and 45,000 product reviews, has compiled some incredible data giving insight into sales of individual […]

Adults Only Search Engine

Riddle me this; A horny gentlemen, browses wikipedia. Doesn’t make much sense does it? I thought the same when I went to the powerhouse Google (or did they come to me?) to look up some naughty fellatio…for work, and ended up on a wikipedia article. To say I was heartbroken isn’t thinking literally enough. I […]

Women Buying BDSM About To Explode Your Mind

Since the dawn of time, man has pretty much ruled the roost, but as we have evolved as a species, and grown as a society, we have come to realise there are fewer differences in sex and race then we had ever thought. This is a terrific step in human evolution, and once we knock […]

Coffee And Sex Makes Real Money

How would you like to earn between $15,000 and $30,000 a month working at a coffee stand? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal right? The ladies working for Carmela Panico were doing just that, only it’s not as easy as it sounds, nor as innocent that’s where coffee and sex come in. Carmela Panico was […]