Magic Ball Sexercise Toy

The Magic ball sexercise toy takes exercise balls to a new level, if you have ever had the pleasure of sitting on an exercise ball then this is about to give you the thrill of your life. The people at Pink Diamond 69 have really thought outside the box with this little beauty and we […]

Bigger Condoms For Ugandan Men

OK Ladies, pay close attention, Ugandan men are calling for…bigger condoms ! That’s right, the men of Uganda have a sexual organ too big for the condoms they are being supplied. While this is a problem most men have, it is a real problem against the fight of HIV/AIDS. Tom Aza, a member of the […]

The Worst Drug

The Worst Drug. When you hear that title you can’t help but think of heroin or cocaine. After all, these are drugs you hear you people dieing from all the time. However, the worst drug, the one that affects that just about every single person on this planet, is in fact, pornography. I wouldn’t say […]

XXX Parody For Free Read Before 23 of September

With the advent of the Simpson and Family guy crossing over in Real Life the wildly respected porn producer wood rocket is now looking at giving away access some of their awesome XXX parody’s. Yes wood rocket is renound for making awesome parodies and as luck would have it have made a Simpson and a […]