Male Escorts For Women

Since the dawn of time men both single and married have been hiring escorts, everybody knows this and quite frankly expects this, but what about Male Escorts For Women. While not a new phenomenon it is one that needs to be discussed to get to the bottom of why more women don’t hire escorts. Generally […]

Why Most Women Secretly Want To Be Escorts

Surprisingly quite a few women Secretly Want To Be Escorts but we may never know because it is obviously a secret. As one of the staff writers from time to time we get asked to write about some subjects that really aren’t that interesting and it makes it hard for us to be excited about something […]

Magic Ball Sexercise Toy

The Magic ball sexercise toy takes exercise balls to a new level, if you have ever had the pleasure of sitting on an exercise ball then this is about to give you the thrill of your life. The people at Pink Diamond 69 have really thought outside the box with this little beauty and we […]